Songs, music and Tuberculosis

How tuberculosis has been portrayed in the film and tv media
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Songs, music and Tuberculosis

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A tuberculosis theme appears in American blues music. Jimmie Rodgers (1897–1933), country music singer, sang about the woes of his tuberculosis in the song "T.B. Blues" (co-written with Raymond E. Hall) which he recorded in 1931 at San Antonio, Texas.

Singer Jimmy Rodgers who died of TB
Singer Jimmy Rodgers who died of TB
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I am trying not to smirk at this but!

He also recorded Whippin’ That Old T.B. in 1932, but ultimately died of the disease days after a New York City recording session.

The tuberculosis theme is reworked in Van Morrison's song "T.B. Sheets", in which the narrator nurses a girl who is dying of tuberculosis.[34] It appears, too, in Carl Michael Bellman's 1790 Fredman's Epistles, where the character Movitz catches the disease: Epistle no. 30 has the lines Movitz, din Lungsot, den drar dig i grafven ("Movitz, your consumption is taking you to the grave").

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